About Me

Oct. 2016 Family Shot

Hello! Welcome to my world! My name is Rachel and I am a mother of three! I have a son named Jack and identical twin girls, Marie and Eva. My husband is a hardworking nurse in the medical field who used to do shift work. When we had our son, he was working 12 hour days with a two-hour commute but was lucky enough to be able to switch jobs and get regular hours in order to spend a little more time with the kids and me.

Who am I?

As for me, I am your average work at home mom. I cook, clean, play with my kids and try to find time to go to the bathroom without being interrupted at least once a day, which I’m sad to say doesn’t usually happen. I am a contract writer and am currently at school full time to become a teacher. So life isn’t dull around my house!

Missing You at Bedtime

I am also the author of the Missing You series. My books Missing You at Bedtime, Mommy and Missing You at Bedtime, Daddy were written for children whose parents can’t be at home to say goodnight to them. The story tells children they are loved and missed as they go through the bedtime routine with their missing parent. The best feature is that you can add your own personal photos into the books so that the children can see you at night when you’re not there. For more information about these books, you can check out www.rachelfawdry.com.

InterestsBaptisim Headshot

I love watching cooking shows, which is, conveniently enough, a type of show that I can watch with the kids that give me a break from children’s shows. I have a feeling I am creating little chefs with all the shows we watch! I’d love to be able to spend more time in the kitchen trying more complicated recipes, but until that day comes, I will continue cooking and baking simple and quick recipes that allow me to run back and forth between children and the oven. I am really interested in finding healthy, delicious meals that my entire family loves.

I am also a huge fan of reading and movies, as you may be able to get from my blog name. If you didn’t, get it… its my take on the Lord of the Rings. We are a bit nerdy in this household, as my husband LOVES Star Wars, I LOVE Disney stuff, and we also enjoy indulging in many other fantasy and sci-fi books and movies.  We have a GIANT library which we love expanding, even though we are officially out of room. I’m sure you will see this love surface as you read through my posts.


My other guilty pleasure is musicals. I love singing songs, watching the dancing and, in my previous life as a childless individual, really enjoyed performing in community-run shows. I met my husband in a musical, and music and performing is a big part of my family’s life. One day I’ll tell you about my musical themed wedding!

I’m not going to pretend that I’m a perfect mom or wife, but I love my kids and I love spending time with them by doing activities and spending lots of time outside. The house isn’t always clean, the tv is part of the family and there are times when my kids and I don’t get dressed during the day. But, that’s life – messy and one wonderful adventure!

I can’t wait to share with you all my adventures, and hopefully, you will learn some things along the way!

Happy Reading!