Ear Piercings and Stress

Today I made a mistake and created a whole bunch of stress for my daughter and me. Last week, my twins got their ears pierced. They both handled that stress SO well. We had talked about getting their ears pierced for a few months before we did it. I let them look at my ears, which are pierced, and see that the holes don’t hurt. They looked at my earrings and became accustomed to the idea.

When it came time for them to get their ears pierced, they were so excited. There was no fear and they were totally ready. They loved picking out their earrings, and to make the process a little easier, we put the Emla cream on, which I highly recommend for anyone considering doing ear piercing with their young children. Marie went first, and when she was done, she yelled! I have holes now!! Eva was just as excited. We’ve spent the last week cleaning our ears consistently and making sure everything is staying healthy.

Cue mom’s mistake.

This past week as I cleaned the girls ears, I noticed that Marie had way more room than Eva when it came to distance between the end of the earring and the ear. I figured that the earring on Eva was just put on tighter. So, being the kind, caring mom that I am, I decided to pull the back off the earring to make it looser.

What actually happened is that I pulled the earring completely out of her ear.

About five days after piercing it.

While I tried to stay calm, Eva was not impressed because it really hurt her. As I proceeded to try to put it back in her ear, it hurt more and she cried more. All I could think is, “Great, I’ve ruined my daughter’s ears for the rest of her life.”

Looking back I realize that was probably a little melodramatic, but it is what I felt at the time. I know that as a parent, even we are stressed, it is important to stay calm. I thought I was, but I’m sure that she still registered some of my anxiety. After a few phone calls and confirmation that I should, in fact, be able to get it back it, I told Eva we would try it one more time.

This is were she completely impressed me. She calmed down, looked at me, and told me to do it. We took a couple of deep breaths to calm down and then tried to put the earring back in. Even though she is only four, she showed the maturity of someone who is much older. I’m happy to say that we got the earring in and that I haven’t ruined her entire life. We’ll have to be extra diligent with the cleaning, but I can promise that I won’t be pulling the back of the earring until it is completely healed in two months.

Today really showed me how mature little ones can be when handling stress. She used methods that we have talked about before and really showed how brave she can be when she needs to be. Give your children a chance to show you how brave they can be, because they have it inside them.


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