Don’t focus on weight

Every time I start eating better and exercising, I seem to get caught up on the weight loss side of things. When my weight goes down, its really exciting and I keep trying. Once I start seeing my progress slow down, or hold, I tend to get discouraged. Why should I keep trying so hard when I don’t see results?

What I always seem to forget, (and I’m sure that I’m not the only one!), is that the point of eating better and exercising SHOULD NOT BE weight loss!

Is it a great bonus? Absolutely! Will the weight come off eventually? Of course!

The important thing to remember is that the point of exercising and eating well is creating for yourself a healthy lifestyle. As you eat better, you will feel less tired and have more energy during the day. As you work out, your body will begin to build muscle to better support you every day.

These effects of living a healthy lifestyle may not show with weight loss, they may result in inches lost. As I continue my journey of living a healthier lifestyle, I can feel my body getting stronger, when I eat junk food, my body feels sick. So, I know that what I am doing is working, I just have to remember that weight loss shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. The goal is to have energy, be fit, and eat good food that will keep me going throughout the day.

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