Hosting a Halloweeeen Party

Tomorrow is Halloween, and it’s always interesting to see how different families celebrate. My house is always decorated with lights and cute decorations that aren’t really scary. It has always been the way I decorate for Halloween, even before I had three little kids. Others like to use scary decorations, while others do not decorate at all. I’ve been collecting Halloween decorations for years now, and I have quite a collection. This year, we decided to throw a Halloween party. The afternoon was for the kids and then we had adults over in the evening. We tried to have as many Halloween themed dishes as possible, and ended up with:

Deviled eggs
Macaroni and Cheese Brains
Pulled Meat
Halloween Cupcakes
Jalapeno Popper Mummys
Pumpkin Pie Faces
Mummy Dogs
Pumpkin Cheese Ball
Witches Cauldron (Chocolate Fondue)

Other dishes that were served included bocconcini balls with tomatoes, a fruit and veggie tray, ribs, coleslaw, as well as cheese and crackers.

These dishes were split between the kids and adult party, as many adults attended the kids part with their families and then came back without children later on in the evening.

Other adult party features included a candy table and doughnut eating contest where you try to eat a doughnut hanging off a string the fastest. The doughnut event was hilarious and went over quite well. I highly recommend this game if you can do it. We also had jello shots and Malibu gummy bears.

All in all, I think the parties went quite well. We will probably do this party again next year. I think next time, I will try to plan a few more events for the kids so that there isn’t so much chaos, but I was happy with the craft they did and how the party ultimately turned out.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!


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