Typing Games for Children

Following up on my article from last week, I was able to get Jack to test out the typing games I talked about for young children. What I found was that the Dance Mat game was difficult for him because he had to keep all his fingers on the keyboard, which was hard for a five-year-old. He found it frustrating and gave up pretty easily. I think I will keep working on this one with him, but I do think this would be better for when he is a bit older.

The second game I talked about was Keyboard Climber 2. It focuses more on letter recognition, so Jack could finger pick at this one to learn the general vicinity of the letters. I’m sure you are supposed to keep your fingers on the home keys, but he could not have played the game if he had to keep his fingers on the keyboard.

I’m going to keep looking for games that Jack can try that are easier for him, as I was not super happy with either one.

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