Cineplex VIP Experience

This past weekend my husband and I were able to try out the Cineplex VIP experience. A Cineplex VIP experience is an 18 plus theater that combines dinner and a movie into one experience. We had no idea what to expect, but knew that there was a full menu and alcohol available. So yay! We love both those things. The basic premise of the VIP experience is that you can order from a full menu and eat it while watching the movie. That is what we knew.

When we got to the theater, we were about 30 minutes early for the movie. We already had our seats reserved, and figured that would be enough time to order food. As we entered the theater doors, we saw a separate section that looked like a restaurant that was the VIP section.

This is where we got the lowdown on what we could expect. Many people come early and have their meal in the restaurant, or have drinks while they wait. You can order things to be delivered to your seats while you wait. Once the doors open, you are seated and there are servers there who are also available to take any orders you want to make.

Since the doors were already open, we sat down in the theater and ordered our meals. I choose pulled pork sliders, while Jarrett picked a BBQ maple burger. We shared mini doughnuts. For drinks, I ordered a strawberry lemonade frozen cocktail and Jarrett ordered a beer. Highlights of the menu included pitchers of beer, fishbowls of yummy, drinks, and a wide variety of appetizers, flatbread, sandwiches, desserts, and your typical theatre concessions. There was definitely no shortage of options available! The full menu is available here.

Seating in the theater was very nice. It includes comfy chairs that recline, and the added perk was that they were heated. You had the option of keeping your butt warm while you watched the movie! I was impressed. Connected to each chair was a movable tv dinner type table. It wasn’t huge but had a cupholder and room for a plate.

When the food came, I had my plate and an extra one for the doughnuts, which seemed a bit unnecessary. While it all fit on my table, it was a little squished.  We started eating before the movie started, but then it got dark and it got really hard to see the plate. It ended up being a game to see if I could get my fries into my ketchup. I will say that the food was very good. I loved the sliders and the doughnuts were delicious. Jarrett’s burger was very good too.

After the movie starts, the servers clear out so we can watch the movie. It’s nice not having servers running around, but it meant we had our plates left on the table for the entire show. The tables move to the side, so it’s not a big inconvenience, but it was still noticeable while watching the movie.

After the movie was over, we all got up and left and had the option of heading back into the restaurant for more drinks and food if we wanted.

After our first experience at the VIP, I would say that I really enjoyed it. We loved being able to have boozy drinks in the theater, and the idea of ordering your food is quite novel. Next time, we will be showing up early and eating dinner in the restaurant before moving to the theater, as it is much easier to eat multiple plates at a table instead of the theater. This will not deter me from eating a dish in the theater, but I’ll probably stick with popcorn and snacks and a fishbowl. Great idea Cineplex.

We are looking forward to our next VIP experience! What a great date night!



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