Road Trips with Preschoolers

carseatsEvery year, my family drives down to Saskatchewan for some fun at a family cabin. When we first started doing road trips with the kids who were babies, my vehicle was so full. We had a mountain of diapers and wipes, breast pumps, two bassinets, toys, tons of snacks, and tons of extra clothes. Our van was so full we could barely fit the kids inside the van.

Now that the kids are older, I am happy to say that the amount we pack is significantly less. Diapers are gone, bassinets are gone, we don’t need tons of toys.

Another great bonus to having older kids during our road trips now is that they have become accustomed to driving for long times, and we don’t have to entertain them as much as we used to. On a typical road trip, we would probably watch 2 or 3 movies during a five or six-hour drive. Now, we listen to music for most of the trip and throw in one movie just for fun. We switch between theirĀ fun movie music and ours, so everyone gets something that they enjoy. We make one stop for lunch, but the kids get a snack in their backpacks and don’t eat much other than that.

It have to say, it has been such a nice change. Road trips started off being very long drives. It is nice to know that things get better if you train your children. I remember doing road trips as a kid, and I am really excited to give my children those experiences too. It is really exciting that we are getting to a point where we can start driving further and for more days. My brother recently moved to California, and we are hoping to do a road trip next year to see him. It is nice to know that they will be able to enjoy the trip and won’t find it too hard to do since they are so good at our day ones right now. Obviously, a long road trip will still be a change for them, but with lots of fun stops and adventures along the way, I know that they will have a great time! I can’t wait to start exploring the world with them!


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