My First Race

Last weekend I did my first race. While it wasn’t exactly what I planned, I can say that it was still a great experience. I mentioned a while ago that I was training for this race, and started running in order to be ready for it. While I wasn’t 100% percent ready for it, I was excited to try.

I can say that I was really happy that we choose the race that we did. It was super easy going with lots of families with young children and runners of all skill levels. The race was a mega bounce run, which included nine inflatable obstacles that we had to climb throughout a five-kilometer run.

I wasn’t sure exactly how the race would go, but I was excited to be there with my husband and cousin. None of us felt really ready for the race, but I think the important thing is that we showed up. We made a plan and we stuck with it. An additional hurdle that we ended up encountering was a really thick haze of smoke that had descended upon the city from surrounding forest fires.

Not exactly ideal running conditions.

Nonetheless, we lined up, and started the race. We only ended up running a bit at the beginning of the race and then to the finish line, and walked the majority of the race. But I am still really proud of us for signing up for one. Next time, I hope to run more, but I had a great time walking with my cousin and husband.

The path we were on was really pretty and we got to check out some really beautiful houses that we passed on the river. Plus, we still got to play on bouncy things! Totally worth it. Additionally, the registration cost went to the Ronald MacDonald House and Breathe, the lung association. Total win in my books.

I think it is important to remember that when you are setting goals for fitness, it isn’t about how fast you go. It’s about showing up, and trying your best. Next time, you will go further, faster, harder. But that doesn’t mean that what you did your first time wasn’t good.

So, I’m proud to say that I have completed something I swore I would never do, and did my first five-kilometer race. I loved being able to do it with my family, and can’t wait for my next race!



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