The Tale of the Missing Tux

have to share an adventure that I had over the weekend. Last Saturday, two of our very good friends got married. They asked our daughters to be flower girls and my son to be ring bearer. My husband was also a reader and usher. It was definitely an honor to be so involved with their wedding, as we consider them to be family.

There were lots of preparations that went into the big day, including getting dresses for the girls and renting a tux for my son. I left my husband to deal with the tux stuff while I organized the dresses for the girls. On the morning of the wedding, I asked Jarrett if Jack’s pants were hemmed properly. His response was I don’ t know, he never tried them on, which lead to a rush to make sure that pants fit and he had everything he needed before the wedding.

Thankfully, everything fit and nothing was required. So, we put everything back in the bag so that we could put it on when we got to the church.

First mistake.

I left the tux with Jarrett so he could put the tux back in the van, and moved on trying to get everything else ready for the big day. Kids got packed into the van, I jumped in, and we moved on with our lives. I did not double check for the tux.

Second mistake.

Since Jarrett was staying later at the wedding than I was, we had left the car in the city so that we would have two vehicles, and we went to pick that up prior to the wedding. I said goodbye to Jarrett after dropping him off, picked up lunch, and was on my way to the church. The bride had asked that we be there for 12:15, as Jarrett was ushering and the wedding started at 1 p.m. I planned on getting there about 5 minutes after.

At about 12:10, I got a weird feeling because I couldn’t remember seeing the tux in the back of the van.

At about 12:15, my suspicions were confirmed. The tux was at home, and the wedding was set to start in 45 minutes.

Start the timer.

I couldn’t go home as my house was 45 minutes away, and if you do the math, I’d miss the wedding if I went home. In the five minutes I had spent worrying if the tux was in my vehicle, I had decided that I would run back to the store that gave us the rental in the first place. It seemed the best chance for me. They had Jack’s measurements, and I was praying they would have a tux that would fit him or at least be close.

I called Jarrett and told him the suit was still at home. I told him to call the store and have them get the suit ready for us. Next, I called my mom who only worked two minutes away from the store, and had her meet me there to help get things together. The store was about ten minutes away, and I got there at about 12:30

Thirty minutes to go.

We ran into the store (The Bridal Center in Calgary. Highly recommend!!) and since they were still getting the tux together, I raced to get the girls dressed and stuffed them back into the van ip.n their very puffy dresses. My mom stayed with my son and got him dressed as soon as the tux came out. We hopped into the car and were off!

The time? 12:52. Google estimated about a 20-minute drive to the church. Doing the math, we were going to be late.

While I was sitting patiently at lights and driving safely behind other vehicles, despite my desire to drive like you do in racing games where you don’t care if you run lights and hit other vehicles off the road.

As I’m driving, Jarrett calls me to ask me where I am. I tell him I’m about ten minutes away, which is not what he wanted to hear.

Turns out, he decided to tell the bride that I am running late. Not that I’m throwing together a tux in 45 minutes. Just that I’m running late.

I can’t say I was pleased about that.

Despite this, I kept driving, hoping that I would get there as soon as possible.

We got to the church at about 10 after, and rushed out the car. Kids were already dressed and ready to go, so everyone started down the aisle as soon as we got inside.

Everything went well after we got there, but I can say that it was my fault that the wedding started late.


Lesson learned? Either dress your kids before you leave the house, or double check for important things before you leave. I think that my kids will be in another wedding next year, and you can guarantee that I will learn from this incident. There will be no more forgetting important clothing.

I need to do one more shout out to The Bridal Center, because they saved my butt that day. Jack was such a great ring bearer, and if they hadn’t been able to help me, he would have missed out on a very special day. So thank you so much!!

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