The Importance of Alone Time

This past week, I have had the unique experience of spending time alone. My husband and children took off last week on vacation and left me at home by myself. While I spend hours by myself all the time, this was the first time I had a whole weekend alone at home. I have to say, I was worried about what I would do once faced with my alone time. As a parent and wife, I find myself always surrounded by people. I know that I am a people person, and I love having people who are special to me around me, so I was not sure how I would handle the quiet.

The result of the weekend by myself was that I learned that I really appreciate the time alone. Thinking back, I have not had a weekend alone in my own home since before I had my five-year-old son. That is a LONG time. Things I have loved about being home by myself are the fact that I can sleep in, do whatever I want, and schedule my life on my time. Things I miss is someone to talk to, and my cuddles from my kids.

After spending the weekend alone without kids, I will definitely try to make sure that it does not take five years until I have my next weekend alone.

While I loved my weekend, I am finding my time alone harder now that it is in the middle of the week. I’m not sure if it is becauseĀ I am so mentally exhausted with my school work, but I miss my family and I wish I had my husband here to talk to and help support me during this exhausting week.

Despite this, I am currently watching one of my favorite shows as I write this, and know that if my husband and kids were here, I would be watching paw patrol and cuddling with my kids. While I love my kids, I am also still enjoying this time for myself, and know that I need to try to fit this time alone into my schedule so that I can find opportunities to be myself and not a wife and mother.

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