Just One of THOSE days

“It’s just one of those days.” I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this phrase hundreds of times. I know I use it. Today is one of THOSE days.

It started with me coming downstairs to my daughter, who had pulled a chair into my kitchen, climbed up and gotten into a special Starburst treat that I had been saving. Most of them are now gone. So much for my special treat…

Next, I went to get some cereal for breakfast only to remember that when my wonderful husband went to buy us cereal, he bought Honey Nut Cheerios. I am allergic to nuts. So no cereal. (I am very thankful for a husband who helps me grocery shop, I just wish he had remembered my nut allergy after seven years of being together.)

Throughout the course of the morning, I dealt with two poop accidents from my wonderful daughter Eva, who STILL won’t poop in the toilet after nine months of potty training. I will say that my patience is wearing thin on that front.

Next, we got ready for school and climbed into the van. I let Marie bring a ball in the van, as there are often times when I let the kids bring toys into the van. The catch is that the toys have to stay in the van. Today, Marie didn’t like that idea, so she threw herself on the ground and had a tantrum in front of the van, continuing to cry all the way into the school. Yay for me.

She eventually calmed down and we got back into the van after dropping off my son Jack. Eva decided she needed a hat and mitts, which she put on as I buckled her into the van. As soon as I sat down in my seat, she started screaming and crying that she dropped her mitt. Sorry kid. I’m driving. You’re not getting your mitt right now. I can say she did not like that response.

At this point, I would have REALLY liked to go home. But, unfortunately, I needed buns and cereal that does not have nuts in it. Eva calmed down once we stopped and got her mitts. Shopping went pretty smoothly until I got to the check out counter. Guess who left her purse in the van. Yep, you guessed it. Me.

I am thankful I didn’t forget my purse at home because that situation would have been a lot worse. The lady at the counter was very nice and let me ditch my kids with her while I sprinted out to the van to grab my purse. I got a little chuckle from the guy I passed as he saw me grab my purse and sprint back to the store, so I will add putting a smile on someones face on the positive side of my day. One good deed. Check.


Despite all the crying that my girls did throughout the day, I am proud to say they did not have a meltdown on the stranger I left them with in the store. So double check. And now I sound like a wonderful parent, leaving my children with strangers, but you do what you have to do when you need nutless cereal. Priorities. Right?

Just kidding. I would pick my kids over cereal any day. Even with the screaming.

They are now sitting nicely, playing, and watching Pocohauntas while singing as I write this. ITs moments like this that make me love being a parent. Quiet, happy playing together.

Despite all the trying things I have gone through today, the entire day hasn’t been too bad. It just feels like it sometimes. During the crappy parts, I keep reminding myself to breathe, and I always get through it.

Parents, remember, even when you have “One of those days”, it gets better. Keep on plugging, and you will get through it.


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