How Much Candy Do You Give Your Kids After Easter?

Easter is over. The Easter Bunny has gone, Jesus has Risen, and we as parents are left with giant baskets of treats and chocolate. My husband and I tried really hard to keep the chocolate down to a minimum this year, and I think we were successful in that. What I forgot about was the amount of chocolate their grandparents would want to give the kids.

So, once again we are left with a TON of chocolate and three kids who want to eat it all. And parents who are less enthusiastic about that idea. What is your typical policy when it comes to holiday treats? Jarrett and I talked about it and decided that the day that the kids get their candy, they get a free for all. They can eat as much as they want. No restrictions. The hope is that they will learn self-control after feeling sick from eating all the candy. And even better if they eat it all so that it is not in our house anymore.

This year, we had more than one free-for-all. The kids got Easter candy on Friday from Jarrett’s parents, and then twice on Sunday. Once from the Easter Bunny and once from my parents. We let the kids eat their candy at Grandma’s on Friday while we were there, and then had running around to do so they didn’t get a full day of candy, which was probably better. On Sunday they ate their candy all day, and we were okay with that.

On Sunday night, when Jarrett and I were talking, I said they only were allowed one candy day, but Jarrett said two. So, Monday morning, I let them have their candy again. They finished their Easter bunny candy, which I was okay with as there wasn’t a whole bunch left. When Jarrett came home, I mentioned they had their second candy day and he looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently, their two candy days were Friday and Sunday. I thought he meant two in a row. Needless to say, the kids got three candy days,. Two in a row.

Despite all these candy days, we still have a ridiculous amount of candy left. Last year, I wrote about baking recipes you can do with your leftover candy. What do you do as parents? Do you bake with the candy? Do you throw the candy out? Let your kids snack on candy for the next month? Do you ask your family to limit candy to your kids? I’m still trying to decide what I want to do with all the candy we have. I’ll let you know what I decide.



  1. Hi! My eldest just turned two, and up until this Easter he’d never tasted chocolate. Family don’t buy it for him because we’ve asked them not to. This year, though, we did an egg hunt. One egg had a little stuffed bunny in it, one had some stickers and another had an egg to decorate with some pens. The final one had a treat sized bag of mini eggs. He got to eat one right away (before breakfast) then save the rest for later. Later, I first made him share out the eggs with all the adults, leaving him with two. He seemed to deal very well with that. We’ve now told him there’s no more chocolate until the Easter Bunny comes next year. Possibly that won’t be the case, but that’s what we’re going with right now.

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      That’s nice that you have alternatives to chocolate for your little one! We don’t mind giving our two-year-old twins chocolate, but I think the important thing is everything in moderation. I like the ideas of the stickers and the craft though! I think we will try to incorporate that next year!

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