St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

I love being able to do activities with my kids. Especially during holidays. Here are some fun activities you can do with your little ones for St. Patricks Day this year!

Shamrock Handprint Picture

Every kid loves playing with paint. I know my kids do! These really cute shamrock handprint pictures are fun for kids to do, plus, they give you a nice keepsake at the end!











Rainbow Necklace

I distinctly remember making these necklaces as a kid. I’m pretty sure my favorite part was eating them after I made them! If you have younger children, it is also a great way to work on their fine motor skills.








Marshmallow Shamrock Stamps

For an easy craft, you can take some green paint and dab a marshmallow in it. It’s the perfect stencil for shamrocks. This one is a little cleaner than the handprint option, which is definitely beneficial.











Lucky Charms Treats

I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen with my kids. Lucky Charms are a variation on rice krispie squares with a magical twist. It is also super simple to make, which is a bonus when working with young children.



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