Potty Training Twins, Part 2

Well, the struggle continued over this past week with the potty training. I didn’t count how many accidents we had, but I can tell you it was a lot. SO. MUCH. PEE. And lets not get started on the poop. BUT! I am THRILLED to say that the girls have finally grasped the concept of peeing and pooping on the toilet. It took about 2.5 weeks, but they are finally doing it. I can say Eva is pretty much potty trained, while Marie gets it over 50% of the time. But they are BOTH peeing on the toilet, which is a magical feeling after so many accidents.

My advice for parents who are potty training is this: Keep with it. Your kids will get it. You may have to try different methods, but they will eventually get it. I can tell you that there were lots of times when I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep going, but I knew they were ready and had to figure out a way for them to understand the concept.

If they aren’t ready, that’s a different story, but you will know as a parent if they are ready or not. If they are holding their pee for extended periods of time, and then peeing in a corner somewhere, they are ready. If they are peeing everywhere all the time, they probably aren’t ready. Ultimately, you know best as the parent.

While the girls aren’t fully trained yet, we have accomplished a major hurtle, and it should be downhill from here. Now that they are peeing in their training potties,the next step will be to get them to go pee on the toilet without the phones. Then we can move to peeing on the big toilet once I know they will sit and pee.

Once they are fully trained, the next step will be night time training. Kids tend to take longer for night time training because they don’t have a big enough bladder to hold it throughout the night. Even if you do night pees, (Putting them on the toilet while they are sleeping) they can still tend to have lots of accidents. You will know when your child is ready to be out of diapers at night when they wake up dry in the morning. Or at least only a little wet, consistently.

Methods I used that led to this success are:

Letting them watch YouTube on my phone

The first couple weeks, I tried to get the girls to sit on the toilet by singing them songs, playing games, reading books, and watching tv. Nothing really got them to sit. Finally, I decided to try giving them my phone to watch while sitting on the toilet. This is something I did for Jack when I was training him, and it was what got him to sit and pee. I didn’t initially do it with the girls because I only have one phone. With two kids potty training, fighting usually ensues when only one can hold the phone. But, being desperate, I decided to try the phone. I am thrilled to say that they finally started sitting on the toilet! A couple days later, we had success!!!!! Check out YouTube Kids as it is safe for kids to watch  (for the most part). I love the Little Baby Bum channel as it has long videos with lots of songs for the kids to listen to. My kids love it!

You can also search potty training videos on youtube to help teach your kids how to use the toilet.

Using Dolls

While I was gone for a couple hours, my mother let the girls play with dolls and pretend they were going to the bathroom. She let the dolls sit on a tupperware toilet, and then had them peeing into the potty. She let the girls flush the pee (water), and then wash their hands. It helped give the girls a visual and make them excited about going pee in the toilet, like their dolls.


I started giving the girls treats when they peed in the toilet. Eva started peeing on the toilet, but Marie still wouldn’t pee in the toilet. What I think helped her, was that she saw me give Eva a treat after she peed, and got really mad I wouldn’t give her any. After I explained to her that she had to pee in the toilet to get chocolate, she peed too! I don’t think it recommended you use competition between your multiples, but it definitely gave Marie motivation to pee in the toilet too.



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