First Trip to the Dentist

This past week I took my kids to the dentist for the first time. It is recommended that you start taking your children to see the dentist when they start two. We waited a bit longer for our son (oops!) and didn’t do his first his until he turned four. It was definitely a chaotic visit, as it is difficult juggling three children in two different chairs. Especially with two two year olds. They were definitely wary of the dental hygienist and the dentist. When I say wary, Marie would not go anywhere near either of them, and Eva put up with the hygienist and dentist. I had never thought of preparing them to visit the dentist, but I think it would have been worth while. My son was really excited to see the dentist, and I ended up leaving him in the chair with the hygienist by himself as I dealt with the girls. Thank God for little miracles. Like a well behaved four year old on his first visit to the dentist. Also for a wonderful mother who came to help me wrangle the kids. I was going to try to do it by myself, and am SO glad I didn’t. I would not have survived. So, thanks mom!!

Now that we have survived our first visit, I will definitely work on teaching my girls about the dentist and what to expect when at the dentist. Here are my ideas:

  •  Watch videos about going to the dentist
    • Sesame Street
    • Daniel Tiger
    • Peppa Pig
    • You can also search YouTube for other great options!
  • play pretend visits at the dentist
    • get your child to open their mouths and let you poke around in it
    • maybe get some dentist toys to play with

What are some other ideas you have to get your child ready for the dentist?



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