Calaway Park

20170723_122623Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Calaway Park for the first time in YEARS. It’s been a really long time. We went with the kids, who are almost 2 and 4 as well as my parents. I know that people are usually skeptical about taking little ones to amusement parks because there isn’t always a lot to do for them to do. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of rides that the girls could do, who are currently 36 inches.  Here is a cheat sheet to Calaway Park this summer if you want to go with your children.


Calaway Park can be expensive, so it’s important to plan early if you are interested in taking your kids there during the summer.Admission prices include all the rides, as well as all the shows and entertainment that they offer throughout the park. It does not include any of the games or concessions at the park.

If you buy your tickets at the gate, a single entry is 40 dollars for general admission (ages  7-49 years) and 33 dollars for youth (ages 3-6). You can also do a family of four pass for 120 dollars, with an additional person at 26 dollars per person. Finally, there is the season pass option which is $115.95 per person if you plan to go more than three times during the summer.

As this is pretty expensive for the average park goer during the summer, there are other options that you can use to 20170723_130500get into the park.

  1. If you show up after 2 o’clock, you can get in for $23.95 per person.
  2. There are also usually corporate rates that you can get depending on what company you work for.
  3. You can buy Playcation Discount tickets online where you get 4 tickets at 25 dollars per person and print out the tickets at home.
  4. Finally, the best option, is buying season’s passes during Calaway Park’s Christmas Sale or Spring Sale. A season pass bought before January first is only $39.95 per person, which is a GREAT price! After that, tickets are $45.95 until the end of May. Tickets can be bought at Calgary Co-Op Stores or online. For more information, check out



There are lots of great games for kids and adults of all ages at Calaway Park. The games cost between 2 and 5 dollars, and there is a really wide variety. There are some for younger children where you win a prize every time, which was great for my two year olds and four year old. They were just happy to win something. If games are your thing, you can buy cash books where you pay 20 dollars for a book, and get 25 dollars worth of games. Once you finish using your cash, there is also a free mini golf game that you can get off the back of the book. So it’s worth paying for the book if you like games. My little ones loved the rubber duck game and the water gun one.


I found Calaway Park to have a pretty good selection of rides for younger children. A lot of them require a parent to be with them, but my girls, really loved going on the rides that were available to them. Before you even get into the park, you can measure your children and see which rides are appropriate for your children. All their rides are color coated on the map, so you can easily see which rides your children can go on. This is the height guide that shows the heights and corresponding rides.


There are lots of different options for food at the park. Food tends to be pretty expensive at places like Calaway park, so if you are on a budget, be sure to pack a lunch and snacks. And water! They have lots of yummy snacks too like Ice Cream, snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, and a giant bulk candy store, just to name a few of the delicous treats that are available!

Fun For All

Our adventure at Calaway park was a little rocky for one of our daughters, but all the kids had a lot of fun playing games and going on the rides. I definitely recommend it if you have the time this summer! Just make sure to plan ahead so you don’t have to pay for admission at the gate!

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