Moving Into a New House

This past week has been a pretty long week for me. We moved all our stuff into the house last week, and I am now left with the task of unpacking everything and turning our house into a home. While unpacking should be a pretty easy task, I have found it very difficult to do while parenting my three children. There is a time crunch to get things unpacked so that the house isn’t full of boxes that my children can get into, which is also a bit of a safety hazard. Plus there is the fact that I’m tired of living with boxes. I’ve been surrounded by boxes for over two months, and i’m pretty done.  I’m SO sick of boxes. I just want my house set up. I want to be able to find things.

So, since I’m not able to be productive during the day, due to my lovely children,  I’ve been staying up late to get things done. Because of this, I am now exhausted, trying to parent (unsuccessfully it feels at times), and still surrounded by boxes. I’m sure you aren’t surprised when I say my mental health is suffering.

I’m sure all parents go through this while moving, and props to them, because I am TIRED. I don’t know how parents who move a lot do it. But I suppose it gets easier the more you do it? Logically, I need to take some time for myself to recharge, but I keep thinking if I push through that I’ll get done sooner. Realistically, I might just burn out sooner if I do that. I suppose we just need to find that balance between productivity and sanity?

Typically, I go for a walk with the kids or hang out with friends when I need to unwind. I haven’t found time to do either of those things this week, which may help my sanity out a bit, but being in a new town away from my friends has added an extra wrench in my typical coping strategies. They aren’t that much further away but I know everyone is busy and I don’t want to bother them. I know it’s silly, but that’s how I see it. It’s something I know I need to work on.

Until I can find that balance, I’ll keep plugging along, trying to unpack my house and keep my kids alive and happy. And trying to make myself happy too.


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