Settling into a New House with Young Children

I’m happy to say that we have survived our move! We have been sleeping in the new house for a week, and the kids have already settled in nicely. You can never be sure how kids are going to react to a new situation like moving to a new house. I know all kids are different, but all three of my kids have made the transition very smoothly! Not sure if it’s them, or what we did to help ease them into the house, but I’ll share my experiences with you anyway. Here are some strategies we used to help them get used to the house.

Talk about the New House A LOT

As soon as we bought our new house, we started talking about it with the kids. We talked about their big back yard, what kid of room themes they wanted (Jack wanted Minnie and Mickey, I chose Princess for the girls room, which they love!). We talked about the park behind us, and the walks we can go on and the friends they can play with. By the time we got possession of the new house, the kids were SO excited to see the new house.

Give them some time to adjust

Before moving in, we did a week of renovations to get the house all ready. I brought the kids over each day to play in the house and the yard (away from the renovations) so that they had a chance to get used to the house. Each day we talked about going to visit the new house, and that we were going to move all our stuff to the new house. After a couple days, Jack was asking to go see the new house.

Moving In

When the bedrooms were all ready to go, we moved into the house. There were still a couple of days until the rest of the furniture arrived, but we brought their beds and their clothes, and we set up their rooms as  best we could without the furniture. By this point, Jack and the girls were really excited about their themed rooms and the new house, and it was an exciting adventure for them to be able to sleep in their new rooms.

The girls cried for about an hour the first night, which is usual for them in any new room, and then the next night they were fine. Jack was great his first night, and we haven’t had any problems with him either in regards to homesickness. I had one day where Jack asked to go back home and told me he didn’t want to live in the new house but then he got distracted and I haven’t heard anything from him again.

Saying Goodbye

I wanted to make sure that the kids got some closure once we moved out of our old house, so I made sure to stop by the house once we had moved everything out. As we drove by the house, all of us said goodbye to our old home. Did it give the kids closure? No idea, but I felt like it did.

I’m not sure if the things I did worked because my two and four year olds are too young to have an attachment to our old house, or if the things I did were right for them, but I’m very proud of the way that they handled our move. Maybe they are just in the honeymoon phase and it will eventually wear off, but I think that they really love their new house, and that it was a good transition for them.

Who knows what the future will bring, but I do know, I’m not moving again for a LONG time!

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