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As a mom, I’m not really into the crazy party scene anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to have fun and go out, but I don’t really party like I did when I was in my early twenties. When I travel, I’m looking for more of a relaxing time in warm weather, where I can enjoy myself without my kids. When I went to Vegas, I didn’t follow your typical crazy weekend away. So, for those of you who may not be party/gambling inclined, here are some things I did while I was in Vegas.


20170526_090329I chose to stay in the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s more of a family oriented hotel on the end of the strip, but it was on the cheaper end of the scale in terms of hotels, and I did enjoy my stay there. For anyone thinking of staying there, there is a giant arcade that is great for older kids, and they also offer a Medieval Themed Knights show which is pretty cool. They have lots of nice shops and a good variety of restaurants and stores for all budgets. The selling point on this hotel, for me, was that they had four pools and one of them was an 18+ pool! The only thing I would change would be that I didn’t have a tub in my room, and I think I would have liked to use the tub on my day alone in Vegas. But it was a nice room that was clean and it served its purpose!

Message_1495811123791Other hotels that I really loved to look at was the New York, New York hotel, Treasure Island and the Luxor. While I didn’t look at the hotel rooms, the decor for these hotels are really incredible, and I would love to stay in one of these the next time I go to Vegas. Of course, if I have a bigger budget, I’d love to stay at the Bellagio or Caesars Palace.


Most hotels on the strip offer pools for their guests. The pool was my one big selling point when picking a hotel (in addition to price), as I loved the prospect of having an 18+ pool available to me as a guest.  I had big plans for sitting by the pool and reading a book while enjoying the sun (which I did!). I love kids, but I really liked the idea of not having to sit around a pool and get splashed by children. It was an extra 10 dollars, but totally worth it as it had a more mature guests, and much nicer chairs than the ones by the other pools. I have to say, after using the 18+ pool, it was totally worth the money!

Word of warning: make sure you check the months of the year that the pools are open before you book your hotels. There seems to be a lot of seasonal pools, and if you are going specifically for the pool, make sure you double check and make sure the pool is open. Here is a list of the 10 best hotel pools in Vegas, according to

For those of you who are looking for a pool with a little more life, they also have pool parties/clubs that you can go to. I’ve heard Wet Republic is a great club to go to. Here is a link of the top 10 daytime/pool clubs.


There are lots of shows that you can see when you go to Vegas, and I highly recommend trying to see at least one. My friend and I chose to see Michael Jackson One, which was an amazing show put on by Cirque du Soliel. The songs were fantastic, and they did a really great job of turning the songs into a cohesive show. The show did a great job of showcasing all kinds of different talents, and really encompassed Michael Jackson’s vision of inclusion. It was a beautiful show!

The other show that we saw was a Drag Show Brunch, put on at Senor Frogs in Treasure Island. The price of your ticket includes a brunch and non-stop mimosas, as well as a high energy drag show with very talented Drag Queens who dance circles around the guests! It was a really great afternoon of catchy music and fantastic dancing! Those ladies really are a talented bunch! I especially loved the Hostess of the show, who was a great comedian and really kept the energy alive throughout the show. If you have a chance, I highly recommend the show!! Make sure you bring a bunch of dollar bills for the lovely ladies!

If you’re looking for a list of Vegas’s best shows, here is’s top 10 shows.


Vegas is full of delicious places to eat. I wish I had more time and a bigger stomach so that I could have tried all the places I wanted eat. They have restaurants from many really famous chefs like Morimoto, Tom Colicchio, Emeril, Bobby Flay, and Gordon Ramsay just to name a few! One day, I will eat at all these places. Here are couple places that I ate that were FANTASTIC.

Message_149581196763848th and Crepe – This restaurant does both sweet and savory crepes, and I can’t say enough about how delicous they were. I actually ate here twice! I tried both their peach cobbler crepe and their strawberry crepe, and they were both super good! They are located in New York, New York.

Bonnano’s New York Pizzeria – This is a little pizza place can be found in the Luxor Hotel, and it might just be the best pizza I have ever had. They cook their pizza, but when you order it, they throw it back into the stone pizza oven so that it is hot and melty and amazing. So good.

Hecho En Vegas Mexican Grill – I love Mexican food, and really enjoyed this restaurant. It can be found in the MGM Grand hotel.    They have giant marguritas with really unique flavors like watermelon, guava, and papaya!  The service was great, and their food was SO good! I had the beer battered fish tacos, which were nice and crunchy and really fresh! My friend ordered the taco salad, and it was huge! Took a giant flour tortilla, folded it 90 degrees and deep fried it so that it was pointed up like a fin. Then they proceeded to fill the entire tortilla with delicious toppings. It was soo good! (I had to try it because it looked amazing! For any vegetarians out there, their refried beans are vegetarian! I would definitely eat there again!


There are lots of places to shop in Las Vegas! They have lots of high end shopping in the Bellagio if you like designer brands, but there are also some pretty cool stores you can check out that are priced for your average shopper too! Here were some of my favorite places:

Sweet Bubble Bath Confections: This store is absolutely AMAZING! They have all these delicious smelling bath confections that smell like you can eat them! My absolute favorite product is their Cream Whip mousse. It is a moisturizer that is made just like a mousse; super light and fluffy. The best part? It’s made of aloe. I got a pretty bad burn while I was at the pool, and the aloe mousse was so soothing on my skin. It wasn’t sticky like other aloes and it just acted as a moisturizer. PLUS, I DIDN’T PEEL! I should have peeled with the burns I got, but by applying this stuff twice daily, my burn turned into a tan and I didn’t peel at all! I swear by this stuff.

Other cool products are their Milk Bubble Bath (bubble bath powder – try not to check this stuff on the plane… I had to have my stuff tested at security as it was white powder…), and all their soaps look and smell like desserts! This store is in Excalibur and if you have a chance, I definitely recommend checking it out!

M&M Store – Can I just say – FOUR levels of M&M memorabilia? They have everthing from chocolate to clothing, to kitchen supplies. You can also personalize your M&M’s!

Coca Cola Store – This is a pretty cool store stalked full of different coke glasses, kitchen stuff, old fashioned signs, clothing, and knick knacks. They also have a little cafe on the upper level where you can take a break and drink your favorite Coca Cola product!

Hershey Store- I really loved the Hershey Store because it has a really wide variety of different flavors of chocolate you can’t usually find in your normal store. They had TONS of flavors of Hershey kisses, and also a whole display case of GIANT Hershey cookie sandwiches, truffles, and other treats.


20170527_084308Most people don’t think about hiking when they go to Vegas, but there is a really great spot just out of town called Red Rock Canyon just 30 minutes outside the city. It costs 7 dollars to get in, and it is a 13 mile drive through the canyon. As you drive, there are lots of different hikes you can do throughout the park that range from easy to difficult.

I recommend going in the morning so that you can beat the afternoon heat. If you are staying in Vegas, you will probably want to rent a vehicle to get out there as there aren’t really other options for transportation. You can check out maps prior to going there, but they give you a trail map when you arrive. Just make sure you check the back of it to see how long each of the paths take!

The canyon is very beautiful, and I definitely recommend doing this trip if you can fit it into your trip!

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