Girls Weekend Vacation in Vegas

Last week I talked about finding time for yourself while away from your family. This past weekend, I went to Vegas and spent four whole days away from my husband and kids. It was the longest I have ever been away from all of them. I can honestly say it was hard being away from everyone, but it was also REALLY nice to spend a weekend away with my best friend, just being ‘Rachel’, and not ‘mom’ or ‘wife’.

20170526_094718_HDRThe first 24 hours were spent completely by myself. I laid by the pool, got a mani/pedi, did some shopping without kids (a magical experience), and ate whatever the heck I wanted. It was wonderful! I definitely noticed a big difference between taking care of everyone in my chaotic household and then having no one to talk to for twenty-four hours. I was reminded of a time when I used to travel by myself through Europe, and did enjoy the experience for most of the day. By the end of the twenty-four hours, I was getting lonely. I am definitely more of a social person and was very happy when my best friend showed up for the remaining three days of the weekend.

Our weekend comprised of eating delicious food, seeing some amazing shows, doing a 20170528_220300TON of walking while shopping and looking at all the hotels, relaxing at the pool, sleeping in and hiking through Red Rock Canyon. I can honestly say it was a perfect weekend. It may not have been your typical run of the mill girls weekend away, but it was just what I needed.

It was so nice to be able to reconnect with my best friend who is currently living across the country from me. I felt like I had gone back to the days when we just hung out in University, and I wasn’t a parent or a wife. I never really considered that I might need more than a couple hours at a time to focus on myself, but after this trip, I have to say that I do think it’s important. If you do decide to take some time for yourself, I recommend that you do it with one person or a small group. That way, the weekend can be about you and your friend (pick someone who likes to do the same stuff you do!), and not what everyone else wants. That defeats the purpose of taking time for yourself. I think that as parents, we spend most of our days doing what everyone else wants us to do, or what we need to do and this trip should be about what YOU want to do!

I definitely recommend it for any parents out there who need a break! While I did miss my family, I also had a ton of fun relaxing and putting myself first while in Vegas.

For anyone interested in what we did while in Vegas, check back next week for reviews of what we did!

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