Finding Time For Yourself Away

Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! I am excited to announce that I am taking my first weekend away from my family, all by myself, in… ever? I have spent evenings away from my children and husband. I have gone on weekend getaways with my husband. But! This is the first time in the last 4 years, since I had my son, that I am leaving for FOUR nights. By myself! Wanna know where?? VEGAS!

I am meeting one of my very best friends in Las Vegas for a girls weekend away, and I am so excited! It has been SEVEN years since I traveled by myself. I’m going to have a full twenty-four hours all to myself before I meet up with my friend. The options with this freedom are endless, and I have NO idea what I’m going to do with myself. The last time I had that much time to myself was pre-baby.

As a parent and wife, everything I do centers around my family. The free time I do take, I spend with friends or my husband. The time that I have for myself usually consists of showers, bathroom breaks, and doing quick runs for groceries. Twenty-four hours is a very long time when you’re used to -maximum – a couple hours by yourself . In four years.

I’m not complaining. And if I had wanted to take a full day, I could. But my time is precious to me, and I would rather spend time with family for friends then spend time by myself. When the kids nap, I read by myself and I get that alone time that I need. When I shower, I have that alone time. And it works for me.

In saying that, it is still very exciting to have the prospect of spending 24 hours by myself in a new place. Seven years ago, I moved to England for a school exchange in University, and it was one of the best years of my life. I traveled all over Europe. I usually met people in different locations, but I still did a lot of traveling by myself. There is something so empowering about exploring a city all on your own. You are in full control of the places you go and the things you see. It was a full year of absolute freedom. And it was incredible. I get excited thinking about having a new adventure when I remember all the times I traveled by myself.

I think that it is easy for us as parents and spouses to be okay with being with people all the time. We all still get our ‘me’ times, but those times are fairly limited in number. I certainly haven’t thought about going anywhere by myself since having my son and marrying my husband. I enjoy experiencing those new adventures with my children and my husband, and I will probably always ask them to come with me.

But, in saying that, I think it is okay to go on some adventures by ourselves too. It gives us an opportunity to get reacquainted with ourselves as individuals, and not as spouses or parents. When I realized I have a whole 24 hours to myself before I meet up with my friend, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Overwhelmed and excited. The possibilities of what I can do are endless. And it’s all up to me. No one else can decide.

So, who knows what the future will hold, but I am very excited about spending some time away to be me. And just me. Not mom, not wife (don’t worry, I’ll still adhere to the rules of married life), but just me.

Stay tuned for how my adventure went!


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