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20170506_134405This week, I have to share a great experience that I had this weekend with my family called Disaster Alley. I love getting out and exploring the city with my family. There are always lots of events going on in the city, and lots of new 20170506_133948experiences waiting for my children to experience. Sometimes, it’s hard to get out and experience this wonderful events, especially when there is a cost for entrance. Paying for a family of five isn’t cheap!

The City of Calgary put on a wonderful event this weekend called Disaster Alley. It was a free event for all ages, and focused on Disaster preparedness. The best part? It was full of emergency vehicles that you could sit i20170506_133710n! PLUS! There were lots of emergency responders that you could talk to! My kids had a
blast! Jack got to sit in a grator, check out the STARS helicopter, try on a SWAT outfit, go inside fire trucks, ambulance’s and command centers for fire and police responders. There were horses from the police mounted unit, a fire truck from the airport (it’s HUGE!), military trucks and representatives from many other organizations that provide help to those who need in in Calgary and the surrounding area. Added bonus? Food trucks! Need I say more?

20170506_133229In addition to the really fun stuff, the event is GREAT because it helps families think about preparing for disasters before they happen. Do you check your fire alarms? What do you do in the event of a fire in your house? Do you have emergency kits packed in your house and vehicle? What do you do in case of a flood? What do you do before you go hiking 20170506_140521in the wilderness? What do your children do when they get lost? These questions are important, and need to be answered in order to ensure your family will be safe in an emergency. You may never need to use the information you learn, but if you don’t have it, a situation can end up a lot worse than necessary.

So, thank you to the City of Calgary for a wonderful event. I can promise we will be attending every year that you hold this wonderful event. Missed this year? Follow the City of Calgary for updates about next year! Hopefully they hold it again!

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