Story Bots, the Best Kids Show on Netflix

A couple months ago my son asked to watch this show called Story Bots. I am so glad he asked to watch it because, in my opinion, it is the best educational kids show on Netflix. There are two different shows you can choose to watch, Ask the Story Bots and Super Story Bot Songs. Story Bots are little robots in computers who work hard to answer questions that kids have. There are five robots who work together to answer questions that are really difficult to answer. storybot

Why are they so great?

Ask the Story Bots takes fairly complicated science questions and breaks them down for kids with really catchy songs. They answer questions from kids like ‘Where does the sun go at night?”, “Why is the sky blue?”,”How do planes fly?” and “Where does rain come from?”. By the end of the episodes, kids have a basic understanding of the answers to the questions that they asked, which are presented in a fun way that. They also have celebrity guests show up in each episode, which is a fun addition for us adults who watch the shows with our kids. There are a lot of songs in kids shows that can be really repetitive and annoying, but the songs in these shows are really quite enjoyable. It is one of the few shows I can watch a lot of and not be annoyed by the songs.

The Super Songs episodes are similar to the Ask the Story Bots in that they are still educational, but each episode focuses on two different topics, and they sing a bunch of songs on those topics. For example, you might learn about  space and body parts in  one episode. Space talks about the sun, earth, stars, and planets. In the body parts topic,  you learn about bones, heart, lungs and digestive system. Other topics covered include dinosaurs, vehicles, colors, shapes, professions, and different animals. Throughout the episodes, other children are interviewed and give their own answers about the topics that are being taught.

I find both shows do a really great job at keeping my kids engaged and entertained throughout the show, and the best part – it’s all educational, so I know that they are learning things while watching the show.

So, next time you are looking for something to watch on Netflix, definitely check out the Story Bots with your kids!

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