Spring with Young Children

Spring is here! The snow is melting, temperatures are rising, and everything is starting to turn green. Many places in the world start seeing spring in February, but here is Alberta, spring begins in mid March. That doesn’t mean snow doesn’t come back, as it snowed yesterday! (April 2nd) But, it has definitely been warming up and the snow was gone, at least temporarily. Don’t worry, it will probably be gone by the end of the day today.

When I lived in England, I was so surprised to see the crocuses blooming so early in the year, and that is one thing I really miss. I loved seeing the fields of colorful flowers. While we don’t have flowers yet, we should have our tulips blooming in the next couple weeks. Yay!

With warm weather, comes more possibilities for outside adventures with your kids. I try to get outside as much as I can in the winter, but with the snow, it’s hard to push a stroller, and the wind usually makes it too cold to go outside for long. Plus, the ice doesn’t exactly make it safe for little ones to walk solo.

Once spring comes, it’s easier to push the stroller, or just go for a walk. You can play at parks without gloves (makes it easier to grab things!), and you don’t have to serve hot chocolate after every outing. I have started to go on long walks again, which has been wornderful! Two hour walks in the sun is very cathartic. And relaxing. Plus, its a great work out! Pro tip: Find a hill and push your kids up. You’ll get an awesome work out, and they love the hill!

And, of course, there are the puddles. Any parent who is familiar with Peppa Pig knows how much fun it is to jump in muddy puddles. My kids certainly love it. With muddy puddles come muddy clothing, so it is a good idea to carry extra clothes around with you. Keep a bag of dry pants, socks, shoes, shirts and an extra coat in your vehicle or stroller if you have kids who are likely to go out and find the biggest puddles.

When we were is Saskatchewan a couple weeks ago, I made the mistake of forgetting to pack extra socks and shoes for the kids, and extra pants for Jack. We stopped to let the kids play for a bit, and I tried SO hard to make sure they didn’t get soaked. Right out of the gate, Eva sat down in a puddle. Two minutes later, Marie also has a giant mud circle on her bum. And Jack’s pants were wet up to his knees. Once they were all wet, I let them go nuts and they were all super soaked. When we headed back to the car, the girls were able to get clean pants, but Jack had to ride another 3 hours in the car without pants. And, they were all bare footed. I also won’t mention the amount of mud that ended up in my vehicle from dirty pants and shoes.

The kids had a lot of fun, but I definitely learned my lesson. Extra clothes! All the time.

So, here is a quick list of things that will help you survive spring with young children. Especially if they love muddy puddles. Or even playing outside.

Spring Survival List

Rain Boots
Water Pants
Extra Pants
Extra Shoes
Extra Socks
Extra Underwear
Bag for the wet stuff
Wet wipes
And if you can, a hose. Just to spray them down. (Just Kidding!)


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