Adventures with Twins: Cribs and Hospitals

Well, the last week has been very eventful here in the One Mom To Rule Them All household. My daughters, Eva and Marie decided they no longer wanted to stay in their cribs and started climbing out of them. I think a good general rule of thumb is that when your children start crawling out of their cribs, it’s time for a big kid bed. When talking to other parents, it sounds like most kids start transitioning to big kid beds between 18 months and 3 years old. If you can get your child to stop climbing out of the bed, then go ahead and keep them in the crib, but it was definitely time for us to get the girls new beds. For us, it’s a safety thing. We didn’t want to risk having the girls get hurt jumping/crawling out of their cribs.

We’ve been talking about buying new beds  for a while, knowing that the girls were close to being ready for beds. So, on Sunday we decided to buy the beds due to the fact that they climbed out of bed in the morning and twice at nap time. On Monday evening we bought the beds and Tuesday was the day we planned to set up the beds.

I had it all planned out. Put the girls down for their naps, take down the cribs after they woke up and then have my husband set up the beds after dinner so we could have the beds ready for bedtime. Of course, life has a funny way of derailing the best laid plans.

Tuesday morning, instead of waking up and helping the girls out of their beds, I woke up to screaming. Want to know what happened? My wonderful daughter Eva climbed out of bed and, in typical Eva fashion (she’s my accident prone daughter), hurt her foot. She was crying on the floor, and refused to put any weight on it. I waited until after breakfast until I started too worry. By this time, it was about an hour after she got the injury, and it was clear that she was hurt. I called my mom to come watch Marie and Jack, and then headed to the hospital.

If you aren’t sure where to take your child when they’re hurt, you can always call Health Link at 811. I talked to Jarrett, my wonderful nurse of a husband and he told me to go to emergency.

So, Eva and I started our adventure at the hospital.

I have to say, it is pretty embarrassing explaining to the medical staff that your child fell out of bed and hurt herself the day you were planning to set up their big kid bed. I think I told the story about 5 times. Each time, I made sure they knew I had the big kid bed waiting at home to be set up. I knew she needed a big bed. I bought the bed. I was on top of it!! And then she hurts herself… uggghhh!

We were at the hospital for six hours, and Eva was SO well behaved! She loved taking the medicine they offered her, and had no problems with them checking her heartbeat and temperature. She didn’t even notice when they took her blood, which I was told would be traumatic for both her and myself. The only time she was super unhappy was when she was getting the x-rays done, which is a pretty scary room where they stripped her bottom half naked, held her down, and then put a giant machine over her. Who wouldn’t be scared!

I’m happy to say that the x-rays came out normal, and so did her blood work.

I have to give a shout out to our Emergency doctor, who was very thorough in making sure Eva was okay. Throughout our time at the hospital, Eva was challenged to walk on her foot almost every hour. She refused to walk for the entire six hours.  When the doctor finally decided she was healthy enough to go home, with the promise of a follow up the next day if she still wasn’t walking, I put her down to get her coat, and she walked toward him to say goodbye. The doctor then looks at her and says “Really! After six hours!!”. Poor guy. I really did appreciate the time the doctor put into making sure she was okay. And felt really bad that she didn’t start walking earlier. Luckily, she was okay and nothing was broken. And that was the important thing.

Needless to say, when we got home, we set up the beds.

I’m happy to say that the girls stayed in their beds that first night, and have continued to stay in their beds at night every night since then. Nap times are another story, as they seem to think it is now play time. But, that’s another story…



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