Brushing Teeth

Last week I was asked if I had any tips on how to get your babies and toddlers to brush their teeth. We all know how important dental hygiene is, so it is important to start early with brushing your child’s teeth. Of course, while we all want to brush our children’s teeth, it isn’t always easy. Getting that toothbrush into the mouth can be a real challenge.

When Jack was a baby, we really struggled to get the toothbrush into his mouth. It was a real fight twice a day to get that tooth brush in the mouth. So, what did we do? We tried a number of different techniques, and I found a couple other ideas that I really liked, so here are some things you can try to make brushing your child’s teeth a bit easier.

Training Toothpaste

One of the things that really helped get Jack to brush his teeth was switching from water to toothpaste. We picked one that didn’t have any fluoride, but was flavored for Jack. He loved it!

Make Them Laugh

Another trick we would use with Jack was to get him to laugh. Jarrett would make a funny face and when Jack’s mouth was open, he would shove the toothpaste into the mouth. It was a pretty successful.

Get Them To Copy You

This one was hit or miss, but sometimes we could get jack to copy us. We would open our mouths and stick out our tongues, and then he would do the same. It was at this point we would shove the toothbrush into his mouth.

You could also use your own toothbrush and brush with your child so that they see you brushing your teeth while you brush theirs as well.

Let Them Chew On The Toothbrush

My girls love chewing/sucking on their toothbrushes with the toothpaste on them. I usually give them the toothbrush for a minute, and then brush after they’ve had the toothbrush for a minute. It may not the be best brush at times, but at least you are getting them used to the toothbrush and the brushing.

Distract Them With a Video or Song

We used to sing to Jack to distract him sometimes when we would brush his teeth. I have also heard of people showing their child a video while brushing their teeth, and while they were distracted, they would brush their teeth.

There are lots of different songs and videos about brushing teeth. You could try singing those songs or getting your child to watch some of those videos.

These could also be sung or watched outside of brushing your child’s teeth so that they learn about brushing their teeth and how important it is.

Here are some songs and videos you can try!

Baby Bum – (This one is my favorite!)

Elmo – 

My Little Toothbrush –

Brush in the Bathtub

While your child is distracted in the bathtub, you can brush their teeth while in there. I also heard of someone alternating between brushing bath toys and their child’s teeth. I have never tried this, but you can try it and let me know how it goes!

Wrap Them in a Towel After a Bath

If you don’t want to brush your child’s teeth in the bath, you can always try doing it afterward. When you take them out of the bath, wrap their arms in a towel and then brush their teeth. This way, they can’t pull the toothbrush out of their mouth when you try to put it in.

Hopefully some of these ideas will work for anyone who is having problems brushing their children’s teeth! I’d love to hear more ideas too!


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