Disney Quotes for Adults

My family has always been big Disney fans. I consider myself to be well versed in Disney and can beat most people in trivia. So, of course, I have made sure my children love Disney too. As an adult I have found lots of quotes in Disney movies that I absolutely love. Some of them are pretty sneaky, but here they are!

Inside Out

When Riley and her mom see that the pizza they ordered in San Francisco’s  is covered in broccoli,  Anger yells “Congratulations San Francisco! You’ve ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now You!”


This next quote is one I just love.

As Anger, Disgust and Fear try to get Joy and Sadness back into headquarters.

Disgust: It’s Joy!
[Anger runs off to grab a chair]
Anger: Stand back!
[Anger violently throws the chair at the window, to no avail]
Disgust: That worked.
[Anger begins to get irritated and his head begins to smoulder]
Anger: Well, what would you do if you’re so smart?
[Disgust smiles, realizing the opportunity]
Disgust: I’d tell you, but you’re too dumb to understand.
Anger: WHAT?
Disgust: Of course your tiny brain is confused. Guess I’LL just have to dumb it down to your level!
[as Anger’s head begins to smoulder even more, he looks at Disgust in complete rage]
Disgust: Of course your tiny brain is confused. Guess I’LL just have to dumb it down to your level!
[as Anger’s head begins to smoulder even more, he looks at Disgust in complete rage]
Disgust: Sorry I don’t speak moron as well as you, but lemme try! Duuuuuhhhhhh!
[Anger begins to scream in rage as flames erupt from the top of his head]


rustezeI think this may be one of my favorite quotes of all time.

During the Rusteez meeting when all the old cars were gathered to talk to Lightening McQueen, the van and car on the stage recite the Rusteez jingle

“Winter is a grand old time. On this there are no if or buts. But remember all that salt and grime can rust your bolts and freeze your…” (nuts!)

Princess and the Frog

princessandthefrogI love this quote because it’s sneaky and most people miss it.

After Prince Naveen and Tiana fall into the swamp, Naveen starts explaining to Tiana why he has no money and doesn’t finish because he finds a leech on his arm

Tiana: You said you were fabulously wealthy!
Prince Naveen: No, no, no my parents are fabulously wealthy! But they cut me off for being a…
[notices a leech is attached to his arm]
Prince Naveen: LEECH! LEECH!


When Officer Judy Hopps is talking to Nick Wilde, the fox, about tax evasion she makes a joke after figuring out the amount of money he owes for taxes.

“Yeeaah… 200 dollars a day, 365 days a year since you were twelve, that’s two decades, so times twenty which is… one million four hundred sixty thousand- I think, I mean I am just a dumb bunny, but we are good at multiplying.”


There are also a number of Frozen references in Zootopia, so here are a couple!

In Zootopia, there is a weasel who is a thief named Duke Weaselton (weasel-ton) who is voiced by the same actor who does the voice of the Duke of Weselton (wessel-ton) in Frozen. There is a quote that makes reference to the connection.

“And yes, it’s “Weaselton” like the animal, not “Weselton” like the Duke of Weselton.”


Chief Bogo tells Judy to “let it go”

“Life isn’t a cartoon musical where your dream come true, so let it go.”


frozenThis one is straightforward, but hilarious.

Hans asks Anna questions about her fiancee who she just met that day.

Hans: What about foot size?
Anna: Foot size doesn’t matter!

The Incredibles

I just think this quote is hilarious.

It’s when Frozone (Lucius)is looking for his super suit and asking his wife where it is.

Lucius: Honey?
Honey: What?incredibles
Lucius: Where’s my super suit?
Honey: What?
Lucius: Where – is – my – super – suit?
Honey: I, uh, put it away.
[helicopter explodes outside]
Lucius: *Where*?
Honey: *Why* do you *need* to know?
Lucius: I need it!
[Lucius rummages through another room in his condo]
Honey: Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no daring-do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!
Lucius: The public is in danger!
Honey: My evening’s in danger!
Lucius: You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!
Honey: ‘Greater good?’ I am your wife! I’m the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!

Beauty and the Beast

beautyandthebeastI love this movie and haven’t seen it in a while, but I pulled it out the other day and loved this quote!

Beast is asking Cogsworth about what he can give to Belle that would impress her.

Beast: I want to do something for her… but what?
Cogsworth: Well, there’s the usual things: flowers… chocolates… promises you don’t intend to keep…




Of course, there are lots of sneaky adult quotes in pretty much every movie. This is just my first list. I’ll compile some more quotes for you later!

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