1. Cassandra Drouin

    This post came at the perfect time for us! Emmett has a cold and is having some diarrhea, which unfortunately is leading to diaper rash. I use Penaten mostly, and might try the Zincofax next. Where do you get the Baby Butz from? Before his rash came in I was using coconut oil during the day, then Penaten for night time. But since his rash is more red and clearly hurting him, a heavier cream is needed.
    How do you give the babies a bath with diaper rash, I find its a struggle right now for that.

    • Nicklas K

      Is it normal when adding Penaten on the rash almost looks like it hurts my son when is applied… is that normal? Or should I take him in bc it’s does make it go away but like I’m just not sure because when applied he reacts as if it stings, and it’s an early stage rash too nothing drastic..

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